Chả Cua (Fried Chopped Crab Meat)

Chả Cua (Fried Chopped Crab Meat)
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Fried chopped crab meat remains the first priority in the list of must-try food in Phu Quoc. Making fried chopped crab meat balls is more difficult than making fish meat balls. Firstly, boil fresh crab then collect crab meat. Ingredients contain fatty pork, egg, Chinese vermicelli, garlic, york, mushrooms, etc. Fried Chopped Crab Meat Fried Chopped Crab Meat >> Phu quoc restaurants >> Sea Cucumber

After steaming crab meat balls, serve it with mixed lemon and pepper salt. Or you can grill steamed crab meat balls over charcoal fire to make it more delicious. Another way to enjoy crab meat balls is to fry it with mangrove oil, you will have fried chopped crab meat. Whether it is steamed crab meat balls, baked crab meat balls or fried crab meat balls, it is always served with lemon and pepper salt, vegetables and herbs. Enjoy your meal!

How to make fried chopped crab meat?

Ingredients: crab meat, lean pork and fat pork meat, dried chinese vermicelli, yolks, ear mushrooms, tapioca starch, onion, garlic.

Fried Chopped Crab Meat Fried Chopped Crab Meat

Process: Boil crabs and collect only crab meat then grind it into meat paste. Mince mushrooms, onion, and mix it with york and chopped pork. Add seasonings then make meat balls. After that, you can fry or steam crab meat balls depending on your favorite.