Coi Bien Mai (Grilled Apricot Horn)

Coi Bien Mai (Grilled Apricot Horn)
UPDATED: 18 May 2016 60 Views

Cool breeze, miles of sandy beaches, azure water make Phu Quoc Island is truly a paradise. Visitors can not only explore natural beauty of the island but also enjoy exotic cuisine: coi bien mai (grilled apricot horn).

There are many ways to cook Bien Mai horn such as steamed horn, soup, hot pot ...But for an authentic taste, want to enjoy the taste of pristine seafood, nothing is better than marinated baked apricot horn.

[caption id="attachment_506" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Grilled Apricot horns Grilled Apricot horns[/caption] >> Emotion cruise Halong bay

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Bien Mai horn (apricot horn) is kind of sea oysters in triangular shape. Those who love diving and collecting apricot horns can dive into the sea and are able to collect plenty of apricot horns in just minutes. It is a great opportunity to immerse in the crystal blue water and get a sense of pleasure of fishermen. Apricot horn’s meat is tender, people just use the coin-sized horn very white circle for cooking to get the horn opened  its shell.

How excited to enjoy a plate of marinated apricot horn border with coarse salt had been stabbed several puree of fresh red chillies. You can use coconut leaves to stringing them over charcoal.

[caption id="attachment_507" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Grilled Apricot horns Grilled Apricot horns[/caption]

To make sure you have a delicious meal of apricot horn, you need to have grilled skills. If the grill takes too long, apricot horns will become dry, hard and crispy.

When eating apricot horns, the flavor of salt, spicy taste of pepper and juicy apricot horn together makes up an explosion. Tantalize your palate with smelled and tasty apricot horns. Don’t forget to drink some beer while eating, it’s a extraordinary food excrusion.