Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber
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Phu Quoc Sea Cucumber is often referred as "đồn đột" or "đột ngậu", is preferred dish that contains nutritional values and health benefits. Sea cucumbers are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but can also be a tasty dish. It's a premium dishes that people want to try it once when visiting Phu Quoc.

Sea cucumber is specialty of Phu Quoc

Sea cucumbers are found only in salt water. Fishermen often hunt for sea cucumbers when the sea is calm because species of white sea cucumbers themselves bury under sand when storm comes. There are two types of sea cucumbers: white sea cucumber and black sea cucumber. Nutritional value of black sea cucumber is higher than white cucumber's.
sea cucumber sea cucumber
Phu Quoc sea cucumber are rare, but you sometimes can find it at Ham Ninh market. Cucumber idea that price is only equivalent to other sorts of seafood, you expect to pay 4 million VND per 1kg, but perhaps you only need to buy a couple of sea cucumbers because when you soak it into water or wine it becomes bigger.

Benefits of sea cucumbers

Phu Quoc Sea Cucumber is not only a dish but also a medicine that help prevent  excessive bleeding and spread of cancer cells. Because of that many people buy sea cucumbers and use it as a medicine.
Sea cucumber Sea cucumber
Sea cucumbers also have potent anti-inflammatory effects that help you relieve pain when you injure. Eating fresh sea cucumbers or its extract both contribute to high value of nutrition.
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