Undercarriage (Cakes Dam)

Undercarriage (Cakes Dam)
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Cakes dam – a simple dish

Simple, rustic but no less subtle, that’s what we can say about cakes dam aka pounded rice paper – was very rustic cuisine of people Quang. Is a fairly common snack from Quang Nam to Khanh Hoa, but where making cakes dam became a simple dish but exquisite, do rejoiced how tourists cross the spelling is Hoi An. We can say, with cakes, nowhere beats can match in Hoi An.

Nowhere is delicious with bread dam Hoi An

At the cake shop traditional dam, sellers usually women, the elderly mother by to create a tasty pie, apart dams need very sophisticated is a skilled baker, experience is also a factor important factors and decided not least to the quality and aesthetics of the pie dam. A pie dam only covers a wet cake leaves spread on a roll the same size. Looks very simple but in fact to make a delicious cake, it requires very meticulous, careful of the baker.

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Both the wet cake and the cake should have sufficient thickness to medium can guarantee the taste and aesthetics of the pie. Part of the wet cake pie dam must be coated very thinly, so are on hand to eat will not be bored while. After coated finish, the wet cake was spread on a little oil executive to two-layer cake from sticking together.

As for the cake part is coated cake stages also done similar to the wet cake but a little thicker coated. After coated finish, the cake will be dried and then baked on. Unlike ordinary cake when baked right to burn a new bit tasty, but to roll for the dam is due to be coated cake is quite thin so the only barbecue grill just to fire, not burn when eating New not leave unpleasant smell and a bitter taste.

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After setting up the cake in wet rice paper will apply to workers on oil cake layer wet a little onion flavor, when you eat will give you the feeling of oil leopard serve fatty, aromatic taste of onion. Besides the pizza, the sauce dotted section is also very important along with cakes dam. Seasoning sauce is sauce (mam ones) made from fresh anchovies are retired in a little garlic, peppers, pineapple and mixed with a little sugar to get up a little onion aroma.

Cake must be banging beats before eating

Maybe you’re wondering why this dish has the name dam cake rather “enlightened” as such! Explain to your question is really quite simple because when one must eat twice the pie back then “knock squashed” one to be able to eat. Depending where the dam may be eating bread with shrimp, boiled or roast pork. But there are ways to eat the most delicious ways to enjoy eating cake dam is still not marked with seasoning sauce.

When you do not eat bread dam swallowed, please chew slowly to the sweetness of the rice, salty taste salty, spicy of seasoning sauce, the aroma of onion slowly saturate your tongue. Not only that, the feeling crunchy, chewy chewy chewing dam of cake will be the experience of this dish, but you can not forget in the first try it !. Let’s come and discover My tour very unique dishes and nutty yet!

Central besides attractive places interesting also are the source of many dishes, especially the cakes. Central cakes with simple, ingenuous but no less delicate, fussy will be experiencing food have mandatory that believers can not skip meals. Come and enjoy the culinary experience that central cakes brought to you yet!

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