Hoang Gia 2 hotel

Hoang Gia 2 hotel
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  • Address: G31-32 Le Thanh Ton, 30/4 Market, TTTM, Rach Gia, Kien Giang, Vietnam
  • Tel: 84-77 3920980
  • Fax: 84-77 3921999
  • Website: https://www.hoanggiahotels.com.vn


We're happy when you come, and when you leave. We would like to take an opportunity to introduce to our special guests like you to our Hoang Gia 2 Hotel that are located in the center of Rach Gia city of Kien Giang  province. Hoang Gia 2 Hotel is conveniently located in downtown Rach Gia, with close proximity to the fabulous fruits and gifts shops, seafood groceries, malls and high speed boats dock for transportation to the Phu Quoc Island. It is perfect for all tourists and visitors planning to shop and take a break from the busy life.

Hoang Gia 2 hotel Hoang Gia 2 hotel


With 30 rooms, 15 single beds and 15 double beds, with all modern amenities and cleanliness to serve all your needs.

All rooms are decorated elegantly, with Kymdan mattress, commodious, airy, clean and full of conveniences such as: light, night-light, fan, air-conditioner, refrigerator, cable television, telephone, internet ADSL, hot and cool bath-tub...

Hoang Gia 2 hotel Hoang Gia 2 hotel

Facilities and Services

  • When you enter Hoang Gia 2 hotel, beside the comfortable room, you will experience excellent service. At Hoang Gia 2 hotel, besides the comfortable, clean, and convenient amenities in the rooms, our customers will receive the best services.
  • Our hotel is equipped with an elevator that is in service 24 hours a day for quick access to our rooms.
  • Hotel accommodation specially fulfill the demand of the luxury furniture and the modern facilities as an office including the Internet ADSL wifi, email, international telephone, fax, etc...
  • Furthermore, we have associated with tourist and domestic aviation companies in serving traveling, entertaining honored guest’s needs. Honored guests will be favored in ticket price, served quality and picking up procedure.