Rock Stream flame Phu Quoc

Rock Stream
Rock Stream

Leaving the town of Duong Dong, according to Nguyen Trung Truc 3 kilometers of asphalt, we are more than 7 kilometers of red dirt road toward the Da Ban stream. Rainy night, a small but still way more puddles little hard drive a motorcycle. We meander through the scattered villages, with quiet green garden, the government Shade trees, the humming sound of the stream of water under the bridge down to the lake Duong Dong.

Ocean East Lake at the foot of Ham Ninh – the longest mountain range (30 kilometers) and high (603 meters) in 99 mountains stretch from north to south of Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc National Park under. Park is a natural area of ​​31,422 hectares, is planned in three functional areas: strict protection zones, zones of ecological restoration and administrative subdivision – services – scientific research. Spread from North to Middle Island, the garden is quite diverse with many rare ecosystems. In summer, the sound ve tingle on the forest canopy as the air ca endless.


Duong Dong Lake 3.5 kilometers in circumference, 15 meters deep, was created from the gorge and a concrete dam, providing water for the town of Duong Dong. On the dark green lake ve seen each bottle during sesame fish, snakehead fish hovering, small fish net net swarm swimming around the boat thanks Pop. It says here in the big sunny afternoon two increasingly common, each weighing about 25 to 30 sign appeared … Boat composite machine runs about 20 minutes across the lake to the foot of stream Multilingual. Early dry season, while Da Ban stream, streams dried up water streams Painting Multilingual and its seven waterfalls always noisy sound of water flowing. More water to their lives Duong Dong to discharge the new dam breaks. Yet, this year, the lake will be built too high by about 15 meters, to serve the needs of residents using the town of Duong Dong will increase in future.

At first season that spring Multilingual had “aggressive” too long. Flowing water, representing a wide range as long as 6 meters wide. The road going up stream from the foot of which was the most spectacular. Stone is a stone, all shapes, sizes. Shoes bring “helpless” before the wild, only the new barefoot through the misery of millions go rock hard, sometimes have walked in the cold waters flow squeeze. There must be ice at the forest along the slopes, streams, trees attachment balance, much as attachment to branch spikes pineapple, blood preferred hand, hurt. Is happiest when he set foot on the flat rock phiu, comfortable viewing orchids, ferns full grip on the branches of trees. But suddenly everyone is “self” to discover that small metal leaf pine trees – a species found only in Chinese thought legend from the ancient past that – no surprise there at the end of the sky southwest of the country. Moreover, there is also a leafy pine trees, strange as anxiety how sensitive heart. Where only that, the “sophisticated stories,” said Phu Quoc National Park has more than 530 plants with 150 species including 12 branches, 69 of them; 365 bird species to species is listed species rare, which is rare white wolf and monkey forest. Great wood high around 20 to 30 meters as a high floor with living plants: a mere, but her oil, oil sand, candles, cloth, chancroid defect, skin, hammer, … Especially the crab season (flower of milk) . As a resident born and lived in the island for four decades, the island face crab season for a long time, with the original tree to 2-3 people hugging.

According to stream high, cool air, pure rare. Along the way, from small rocks agitation suddenly raised a forest site stemmed red floating in some dark green leaves. Purchasing and the spring breeze sim grows purple flowers are beautiful daydream. How many hard fatigue seems to disappear when eating bitter leaf meal, especially when facing the first waterfall that he temporarily set your local waterfall called “skull”. He pointed to the white water swirling noisy, dimly three black rocks, said: “There are two eye sockets and a mouth cavity, identical to the skull.” Everyone stupor before hand “mischief” of heaven and earth.

Back to overcome numerous submerged rock, groping naked feet clinging moss layer on it, touch toes, carefully place the new step would not slide. Moment came second waterfall, at an altitude of 300 meters. High Falls, the water rushing down, sharp chest resonance. Men, boys quickly rushed down the small lake, swimming was born before leaning back into the water to catch the top teams, to people and dispel fatigue. Looking at that scene, people hanging off the other women to bathe, but no one “play gun”. Unexpected rains flooded forest. Stream is only a shallow cave, barely two residence with furniture tangle bring em close the cavity. The wet her, “type” quickly swooped down stream, stirring each.

Your local British captured snakehead fish have some adult-sized wrist, gathered tangle of dry branches, the fire group, holding constant fan newsstand. In the rain, the fire difficult, gloomy smoke. There are coal, he quickly put them on your lower body structure. Ignore the rain, the fish is cooked through on the disposition notice. Moment moment about his visit, or fish by hand on matte bottles of their labor. Fish cooked, the group grabbed her around the rocks lobster, lemon pepper, pepper, salt loading period, despite the water dripping from tree branches. Fresh water fish in the rain sweet scented cool air, penetrates the cats get hungry stomach. It seems everyone is interested in reclaiming taste should not even clear to some numbness pa slices, sausages, pork bologna soaked in cold streams, with a few loaves of bread filled with wrapped nylon. The cold of the rain forest is almost gone before the pinch of fresh fish with a few sips of wine drinking by sim thick lids. Out in the “wild life” is, everyone is probably excited to make sure no one else enjoying the exciting spring trip like this …

And in another new layer to the top of the waterfall and streams Multilingual. All five of these beautiful waterfalls over the bottom two waterfalls that we went through. In particular, high waterfalls Wednesday about 10 meters down the lake water is about 30 square meters, swimming spoiled, spoiled massage was positive. Bubbles rain, rain that is tough, so we spent down the mountain. Be very careful when setting foot on the rocks well, because now its own layer of mosses on the rain soaked, slippery lubricant. Despite very careful, but few people slip, even the falling water was sweeping up, unfortunately, attachment is the rock underground. Hard in excitement, long hours, we saw some light revealed in the “horizon”. It is true streams, where composite canoes are waiting across the lake took us Duong Dong.

Run motorcycle on holiday, very little thought will have some cold, especially the girls, women. But no, it all seems to add a healthy, adventurous trips, such as creating more trust cheery, excited because everyone is always smiling when it comes to spring Multilingual.